Uniblue SystemTweaker 2013 v2.0.7.0 Incl Serial Key

Uniblue SystemTweaker 2013 v2.0.7.0 Incl Serial Key
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Sesuai dengan judul artikel kali ini "Uniblue SystemTweaker", nah software yang satu ini berfungsi untuk membantu kita mentweaking system / konfigurasi windows sesuai dengan keinginan kita. Uniblue SystemTweaker 2013 di lengkapi dengan 50 set tool tweaker yang di kemas menjadi satu, yang memungkinkan anda melakukan kostumisasi pada beberapa bagian windows tanpa perlu merasa khawatir dengan ancaman kerusakan / error pada system windows anda. Salah satunya yang dapat anda lakukan adalah memunculkan / menyembunyikan tombol start menu.

Uniblue SystemTweaker - a set of tools for tweaking Windows, the OS allows you to customize to your liking. Windows can be a difficult operating system in order to configure, as it includes many pre-set configurations that are hard to correct. From fine-tuning "Start" menu to quick and easy changes to network behavior SystemTweaker comes packed over 50 tweaks, all chosen, so that would make your work with Windows a bit more comfortable.

"Start" menu:
  • Adjustments to display the menu icons «Start» (XP, Vista, 7): These adjustments can hide or show the icons in the "Start" menu.
  • Enable scrolling menu "Start» (XP, Vista, 7): Windows can use more than one column to display icons "Start" menu. When the scroll menu "Start» Windows saves a single column, but it adds the ability to scroll.
Control Panel:
  • Deny access to remotely administer the floppy disk / floppy disk CD-ROM (XP, Vista, 7): If remote access is enabled, other users on the network have access to your data. For safety reasons, this access can be disabled.
  • Multiple Network Load Balancing (XP, VISTA, 7): Uniform distribution network load among multiple network adapters, if any.
  • Enable notification messages Print Server (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, any server notices will automatically be displayed in the form of pop-up taskbar.
  • Broadcast of information in the network to access the new shared printer (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is off, shared printers are not available to other computers on the network.
  • Hide passwords for access to the file resources (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, the password to access the file resources are shown as asterisks.
  • Lock printer sharing (XP): This block allows you to restrict the use of the printers connected to your PC via the network.
  • Disable file sharing (XP): If this adjustment is off, locked access shared files from other computers on the network.
  • Hide my computer in the list of web browsers (XP, Vista, 7): Hides your computer from other users on your network.
  • Allow remote access to the registry for all types of users (XP): If this adjustment is enabled, access to your registry is open to all users.
  • Display statistics of network errors (XP, Vista, 7): Go to the network connection tab is added with additional statistics.
  • Enable DVD Player, in Windows Media (XP): Enables Windows Media Player to open and play the DVD.
  • Automatic start inserted CD with data / audio CD (XP): If this adjustment is enabled, you are automatically start when the CD.
  • Enable faster access to media files with the extension AVI (XP): quicker access to movies in a folder with the extension AVI by preventing loading of unnecessary data.
Startup and shutdown Windows:
  • Enable password caching Windows (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is off, the user will have to enter your Windows password every time you try to access a password-protected resource.
  • Allow downloading desktop runtime login script (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, the Windows desktop is loaded even before finalizing the login script.
  • Clear the paging file on every shutdown Windows (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, used for virtual memory file is deleted at shutdown.
Context menu:
  • Suppress the default context menu in Windows Explorer Windows (XP, Vista, 7): By default, a shortcut menu appears when you right-click on the desktop or in a window
  • Explorer Windows. When this adjustment menu access is performed.
  • Add the option "Open with" in the menu of Windows (XP, Vista, 7): The "Open with" to select a program to open certain files.
  • Suppress the context menu from the right-click the taskbar Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Hides the menus that appear when you right-click on the taskbar.
  • Add the option "Open Command Prompt" in the menu of Windows (XP, Vista, 7): This adjustment adds a context menu option "Open Command Prompt" to the directory in which you press the right mouse button to display the menu.
More Search Options Windows:
  • Automatic restart of Windows blue screen error (XP, Vista, 7): Automatically restart Windows in response to a critical system failure.
  • Suppress sound PC speaker system error (XP, Vista, 7): When an error is detected the PC speaker emits a warning sound.
  • This adjustment allows you to turn off the sound.
  • Display more detailed information in the Device Manager Windows (XP): The Device Manager displays additional information in the section "Information" tab "Properties".
  • Run the Windows desktop as a separate process (XP): Normally, Windows runs one process for desktop Windows, Taskbar and all other tasks Explorer. This means that in case of failure of this process all the other above-mentioned tasks will also be closed. If you run the Windows desktop in a separate process, it will increase its stability.
  • Maintain the productivity of software Print Job (XP, Vista, 7): This adjustment ensures that, for what would be the print job does not slow down the programs, taking too large a share of system resources.
  • Automatically set the focus to the window when you move the mouse over them (XP, Vista, 7): With this tuning the operating system activates the window when you move the mouse pointer over it.
  • Display tips for buttons "Close", "Open" and "Close» (XP, Vista, 7): By default, when you move the mouse pointer on the "Close", "Open" or "Close" in the upper right corner of any window , you will be prompted with information about the button. This adjustment allows you to turn off the display mechanism such clues.
  • Use the attached web files and folders (XP, Vista, 7) to the hard disk HTML documents often contain a large number of files associated with the main document HTML. This adjustment combines the main HTML file with all related files, so that when the main document to another location, all related files are copied with it.
  • Use Windows Explorer when you open "My Computer» (XP, Vista, 7): If you open "My Computer" with Explorer, you get easy navigation bar. If this adjustment is enabled, the window of "My Computer" is always equipped with a navigation bar.
With SystemTweaker you can:
  • Streamline the Start and Control Panel menu to your taste
  • Adjust network settings to boost functionality and increase security
  • Tweak Windows start-up and shutdown rules
  • Customize right-click menu options
  • Access detailed system information

Changes in Uniblue SystemTweaker 2013
  • New categorization of tweaks (basic & advanced)
  • More user-friendly tweak descriptions and benefits
  • Several user interface improvements
  • New tweaks included
  • One-click installer

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Password: koskomputer

**Connect pc anda ke internet
1. Unrar
2. Install SystemTweaker
3. Saat menemui kolom registrasi, masukan serial keynya untuk aktivasi full versi
4. Enjoy

Note: Serial key tidak akan bertahan selamanya, jadi jika anda ingin menggunakan full versi software ini secara gratis. Cepatlah download dan install di pc anda.


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