Secure My Files v3.3.3 Incl License Key

Secure My Files v3.3.3 Include License Key
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FREE Download Secure My Files v3 Full Version - Adalah sebuah software security yang berfungi untuk mengunci atau memproteksi file maupun folder sehingga file / folder tersebut tidak bisa di akses oleh semua orang kecuali anda sendiri. Jadi jika anda memiliki sebuah file / folder rahasia yang tidak boleh dilihat atau diakses oleh orang lain, anda bisa menguncinya dengan aplikasi Secure My Files v3 ini. Selain dapat mengunci file / folder, Secure My Files juga dapat digunakan untuk mengunci USB FlashDisk dan Memory Card anda, sehingga FlashDisk atau Memory Card anda tidak bisa dibuka oleh sembarang orang.

Secure My Files is a powerful utility that helps you protect your files fast and secure. With Secure My Files you can create Secure Bins to encrypt your files in, set special permissions to files and folders and deny access and password protect removable drives.

The Secure Bins are very flexible and you can take them with you anywhere. Can't be open without Secure My Files and the password. It is completely safe and very fast.

All types of protection are PC-independent. To restore your removable drive after protection, you don't need to install the program to another computer.

Secure My Files is a useful utility when it comes to encrypting data and protecting data within usb drives.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Completely portable
  • Optional hints
  • Virtual keyboard
  • 4 features in 1 application
  • Best technical support
Advanced protection engine
Protecting your files does not resume to a Windows password, which can be easily bypassed. You need to use file encryption. File encryption is also used by banks and the government to secure their data. Secure My Files uses AES-256b (Rijndael) to encrypt your files. This algorithm ensures that your files will be completely safe.

Portable protection
You encrypt your files. But what if you need to decrypt them on another computer? No problem.
With Secure My Files you can take your important files with you and decrypt them where you want, without installing any program. You get the same powerful encryption when you create Portable Secure Bins, and you can even edit files inside secure bins on the fly.

Lock your folders in seconds
Do you need to deny access to some secret folders, but don't want to encrypt its contents?
Secure My Files has that covered. You can password protect folders just by right-clicking on it.
Stop wasting money on other applications.
Secure My Files has all these features integrated.

Encrypt your USB as you go
Ever wondered what happens if you lose your flash drive with important files?
Secure My Files can help you with that. Keep your flash drive encrypted, and decrypt or encrypt your files wherever you go. You will need .Net Framework on the guest computer.

Friendly user interface
Tired of difficult applications? Secure My Files has an intuitive user interface and helps you understand what you can do and how to do it. Even if you are an advanced user or not, you will find Secure My Files very useful.

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Password: koskomputer

1. Unrar
2. Install Secure My Files & Run programnya
3. Click Help (?) > Manage License
4. Enter License Key & Click "Activate"
5. Enjoy


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